The History of Ute Pass

The Ute Pass region served by the Chamber is rich in history and connections with local happenings and famous people and events form all around the world.

During the 1800’s, travelers from the hot dry plains of Kansas discovered a cool retreat in three towns on the centuries old Indian trail weaving westward around the base of what is now known as Pikes Peak–the Ute Pass.

As these three resort towns of Cascade, Chipita Park and Green Mountain Falls grew, wealthy vacationers from all over came by rail to stay in the grand hotels. The Ramona Hotel in Cascade, the Ute Pass Park Hotel and the Green Mountain Falls Hotel offered decadent hospitality, Saturday night dances, and excursions to the waterfalls and the breath-taking summit of Pikes Peak. These social and natural attractions drew many visitors.

Among the rich and famous known to spend summers here were President Dwight Eisenhower, comedian Bob Hope, and P.T. Barnum of the Barnum & Bailey Circus (now enjoying renewed notoriety through the recent hit movie, The Greatest Showman).

As transportation changed (namely the rerouting of the railroad), and as visitors invested in building cabins and lodges for their summer use, the area became a secret haven and its general fame was wrapped in a private, often closely held community.

Ute Pass Today

Today, our triangle of mountain communities features natural beauty while offering a variety of excellent accommodations, wonderful eateries, and distinctive shops.