Joyland Church

Joyland Church

Simply put, Joyland is about Jesus. We are addicted to His presence! We’re people committed to believe in Him with everything we have. Our worship is all about Him. Any studying or teaching we do from the Bible or from life in general is simply to get to know Him better. Any ministry we serve one another with is done with Him as a partner. We are even learning to relate to one another by looking to see what Jesus is making of us right now…and then celebrating what we see Him doing. We don’t have many rules. About the only one is this:

Look for Jesus in every person and in every circumstance you encounter.

This is proving to be a fun way to live. If you should choose to visit Joyland, trust us, that is how we will be seeing you…as someone in who’s life and heart Jesus is already working – and absolutely loves.

We would be honored if you would drop by and enjoy Jesus with us.

10605 Green Mountain Falls Rd, Green Mountain Falls, CO
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